The Game

Who can play?

Anyone can play! (Please note that children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

How to Play

  • Any ruling deemed necessary will be made solely by the promoter whose decision will be final. Always retain your card until the winner is declared.
  • In games with multiple winners, your call of BINGO must be acknowledged by either the promoter, caller or spotter before the last number of the card read is called. This is a Q.O.G.R. Ruling. The responsibility rests with the player.
  • Ensure your call has been acknowledged.
  • On receiving a winning number the player must shout “BINGO” and raise his/her hand. Failure to do so could invalidate any claim to a prize.
  • A payout is made on each variety of feature game shown above and continues to a Full House for a second payout.
  • Do not use black or blue pens. Do not obliterate numbers or detach ticket from book. Be sure you are playing the correct colour and series.
  • Jackpot sheets are only sold with books.


Bingo is similar to keno and lotto. Every bingo game sheet has the numbers 1 through 90 listed. As you can see, your game sheet is split into six separate boxes – In each individual game there are 15 numbers. A game of Bingo is won when you fill the required numbers within ONE of these games. If you mark all fifteen numbers off that would be a full house win.

Sample Ticket- Full House_small

Feature Games

You win a game of bingo when you fill the required numbers within ONE of these games. four corners,  lucky 7, any one line

Sample Ticket-Any One Line_small   Sample Ticket- Lucky 7_small   Sample Ticket- Four Corners_small

Types of Games

types of games